1 of 6 Proofs of a Healthy Church

Everyone likes to see progress. It is exhilarating when your child takes their first step, you buy your first home, or your dreams become reality. That kind of progress is call momentum. Momentum happens when you can measure movement toward a desired goal. Gaining momentum in ministry is no different. The goal for any church should be to express the greatness of God to a world that desperately needs Him. Last week we introduced the 6 Proofs of Healthy Church. For a church to gain momentum it is vitally important these proofs become the growth plan. Today we will delve into one of them.

Life Transformation (Romans 12:1)
Life transformation comes from being renewed. For a church to become healthy it must start with you. Your life transformation will ooze or be caught by the church. Dallas Willard said, “ Spiritual formation, in the tradition of Jesus Christ, is a process of transformation. It happens when the inmost dimension of the human being (the heart, spirit or will) are transformed by Christ. Then the natural expressions of life become prompted and powered by Christ.”

How is your life transformation changing your Church?

As you answer that question it’s important to recognize that your life transformation directly impacts your church. When a relationship with God becomes the focus, the byproduct is Christlikeness. Here are a few of the major characteristics that are evident in a life transformed through relationship with Christ.

Byproducts of Life Transformation

Personal Worship A Vibrant Prayer Life
A Spiritually Healthy Family A Life that Emulates the Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12
Time Management Evidence of the Fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5: 22-23
Confession of Sin The Word of God Forming Your Worldview

more discussion over these byproducts in the weeks to come

In relation to Christian leadership these results become even more important. Carl Anderson pastor’s Real Life Church in Albuquerque NM, a dynamically healthy Church. Real Life is focused on sharing the truth that real life is found in Jesus. They do this by showing the love of Christ in ways that bless their community, honor their King, and lead his children back to Him. Real Life Church is successful because life transformation is lived and taught by the leadership. Here are how these byproducts are evident in Carl.


Personal Worship
His personal relationship with God is the catalyst that draws him to surrender to God. This gives God permission to transform him into the best dad, pastor, friend, and leader God can design.

A Spiritually Healthy Family
He intentionally takes time off each week to disciple and “hang out” with his family. He would hate himself if he had a thriving ministry and a declining family life. Ministry to his family comes first.

Time Management
What he needs to do and what is due are constantly on his mind. He spends time every week prayerfully mapping out the best path to accomplish what God has put before him. He usually plans 12-18 months out on sermons. This allows him to approach each week with a balance that comes from intentional and prayerful time management.

Confession of Sin
Confession is a regular part of his relationship with God. To become everything that God has designed him to be he must constantly wage war with sin. This requires him to be honest and open with God about his struggles. He trusts that God’s word tells him that his sin is dead in Christ.

A Vibrant Prayer Life
The demands on a Church Planter are very high. Having a team of great ministry leaders, a family that is supportive, and other pastors walking with him helps, but putting God first through prayer makes the difference.

A Life that Emulates the Beatitudes
The more he serves his family, friends, and the Church the more he realizes he cannot do it, but God can. He desires for others to see God through the good he does. He wants nothing more than to fade into the background so God will be glorified.

Evidence of the Fruit of the Spirit
He longs to see the Fruit of the Spirit evident in his life. He wants to be a direct representation of the Spirit of God. This would ensure Jesus is what people are drawn to.

The Word of God forming your Worldview
He works hard to spend at least 2 hours a day in the Word. This allows God to shape his thoughts, sermons, and the way he interacts with others. A worldview that is shaped by scripture gives him the ability to see the world through the lens of the Holy Spirit.

Carl’s life transformation is not unique. The intentionality that marks his transformative relationship with God can be a reality for anyone. The key is making a relationship with God the priority. Ask yourselves these questions to continue to challenge yourself to go deeper, grow stronger, and continue to work out your salvation.

1. How does your personal worship draw you closer to God?
2. How is your faith influencing your family’s spiritually health?
3. How does your management of time promote spiritual growth for you and your loved ones?
4. How does confession of sin play out in your relationship with God?
5. How does prayer shape your daily life?
6. How does your life emulate the Beatitudes?
7. How do you daily express the Fruit of the Spirit?
8. How does the Bible form your Worldview?

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