Jesus’ Perspective On Words

9cbfeec.words-heroIt’s easier to surrender our hearts and minds than our words.

Words give life, take life, encourage, discourage, give power, and take power away. Words brought everything to life. “In the beginning God spoke…” Every war, divorce, murder, and misunderstanding was started with a word. It’s no wonder words are one of our biggest forced perspectives. Take a look at this true and forced perspectives below.

Words True Perspective Forced Perspective
Words (backed up by character) are our most powerful tool for revealing God to the world.


Character is our most powerful tool for revealing God to the world. Use words sparingly.



What if Joseph would have kept his dreams to himself?

What if Moses would have clammed up when he approached Pharaoh?

What if Ruth would have never talked to Boaz?

What if David would have hidden in the shadows and kept his mouth shut?

What if the Prophets didn’t seek an audience?

What if the priests would have taken a lifelong vow of silence?

What if John the Baptist would have never told people about the coming King?

What if Jesus (God as man) minded his own business and focused on being a good person?

What if Jesus invited his disciples to learn more about God, become a good person, but keep their mouths shut?

What if the church was called to not talk about God, Jesus, redemption, salvation, hope, peace, love, mercy, sin, death, hell, kindness, forgiveness, and healing?

We must use words to tell others about Jesus. It’s not easy, it’s uncomfortable, and people will think we are crazy. Following the commands of Christ will create tension, but the tension creates space for God to reveal himself.

Take a time to read Acts 8:4-8, Acts 8:26-40, and Romans 10:14

Know your Journey
God has given you a unique journey. Find your unique way to reveal the goodness of God.

Who has God placed in your life that could benefit from hearing about God’s goodness?

Grieve Brokenness
The brokenness of this world has sent everything into chaos. When we allow the weight of this brokenness to sink in we will be forced to take it serious. We have the privilege of sharing how others can find the fix (Jesus) for their brokenness.

How can brokenness serve as a motivator for you?
What will you do to help people find the fix for their brokenness?

Surrender to God’s Authority

Surrender takes you out of the driver’s seat, and placed the creator and sustainer of all things in control. No matter how much you think you know His ways are better. Surrendering to God gives you the best for your life and gives you an opportunity to tell others about it. What is the opposite of Control? Fear.

What are you afraid of?
How can God release you from that fear and free you to experience and share His best?

Let your words bring life, hope, peace, comfort, healing, and contentment through Jesus.

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