Coaching is essentially listening to the Spirit and taking action accordingly. God leaves the methodology to us. Any method that is consistent with the general principles of scripture may be used, provided the end is a biblical one.

Jesus listened and asked questions in the context of relationships, allowing them to draw their own conclusions and act accordingly

From my vantage point, a good Christian coach embodies all of the following: is mature emotionally and spiritually; is able to enter a person’s world well; has a rich understanding of biblical guidance, leadership, systems thinking, psychology, and spiritual formation; and has the skill required to help people grow.


1-2 sessions ( 45 min.) monthly that are tailored to address the areas you and God feel will help you overcome, find freedom, and continue to grow.


Package 1: Coaching, ministry evaluation, resources, tools, and a safe place to discuss church life. This would consist of you and I meeting one-on-one at least once a month.

Package 2: Coaching for strategic volunteer leaders, ministry evaluation, resources, tools, and at least a once a month one-on-one meeting with you to debrief.

Package 3: Package 1 and/or 2 plus a quarterly training for all leadership and/or a Pastor’s leadership Retreat.