Kingdom Collaborators


Kingdom Collaboration
Igniting Church Growth

Bryne Palmer is a Church Planter in the Downtown area of Albuquerque. Bryne was challenged by his sending church (Anchor Church –Pastor Jared Bridge) to adopt an evangelism strategy. Over the last three months he’s had the opportunity to adopt, implement, and see God show up.

A group of Jehovah Witnesses had been frequenting his neighborhood. After engaging in multiple conversations with them over a three-week span, God prompted Bryne to do something. He invited himself to join their door-to-door evangelism.

I love my community, and I could not stand by and let them be lied to.

fullsizerenderHe walked the streets sharing the gospel with the JWs, and politely waited for his turn to share the gospel with each home. At the end of the day the JWs were bewildered by his zeal, love, and knowledge of God’s word.

Now Bryne has weekly contact with many people in His community. They know that Rio Church is there to love them and point them to Jesus, but it doesn’t stop there. Bryne unashamedly invited his neighbors to come to his church and they came.

A mother and daughter showed up at Church. Rio Church loved them, cared for their needs, and introduced them to Jesus. After the service the mother and daughter accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior and joined the Church. In the weeks to come they brought other family members and they came to the Lord.

The mother said

I need Jesus. Your church has shown me what I’ve been missing. I want to be baptized. This is my church home. How can I help?

rio-church-baptismBryne’s evangelism strategy has leaked into his leadership. Now key leaders in his team are reaching into their sphere of influence with a new boldness and a clear picture of God’s love.

This didn’t just happen. I equate this to five key elements necessary to ignite momentum in the growth of a church.

Kingdom Collaborators that are:

Sharing Vision
Bryne’s Sending Church, Convention Leadership (SDOM), and NAMB (CPC) shared the bigger vision of sharing the gospel. Without that vision casting, Bryne may have never identified the importance of being gospel minded.

Modeling Obedience
Bryne had mentors, a brotherhood, that modeled evangelism, discipleship, and love. This brotherhood consists of other church planters, his sending church, supporting churches, convention leaders, and a Church Planting Catalyst. The reason it was easy for Bryne to catch the vision was because an environment was cultivated that allowed him to join a team that modeled obedience to God’s word.

Coaching Awareness
Bryne has a coach. The goal is that every planter have a coach that draws out their best. This coach’s primary role is to help Bryne to discover what God is doing in Bryne to make him a better representation of Jesus. Bryne’s new found self-awareness through coaching, created space for God to prompt him to be bold, loving, and direct.

Encouraging Action
Bryne’s mentors didn’t demand he create an evangelism strategy, they encouraged him to act upon the directives of Scripture. Their relational investment in him and willingness to hold him accountable to God’s Word propelled him to action.

Celebration Transformation
There are countless text messages, conversations, and high fives throughout this journey. Bryne isn’t alone. There is a great cloud of witnesses that are celebrating with him. Knowing there are people that are fans of what God is doing, helps him generate the stamina needed to keep moving forward.

We all have a Bryne. It is vital that each of us find time to share vision, model obedience, coach awareness, encourage action, and celebrate transformation. Our kingdom collaboration reveals the greatness of our God and the power of the Church.

If you or your church are interested in Church Planting, becoming a Sending Church, or a Supporting Church contact Chad Spriggs at for more information.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Collaborators

  1. Bryne is my son and hasn’t always been out going, in fact he use to be shy. But once he discovered God his light began to shine. His life choices have made a momma smile. With God in his heart, Arianne at his side, and the words of the Bible in his head, No One will put out that Light. Shine on Son, Shine on!!!!

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