Autopilot: A Kamikaze or Surrender to Flight

Proverbs 27:19

As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.

110622_2485If you are anything like me, life tends to get busy with the mondain and you get caught on autopilot   So when you’re  on autopilot what do you look like?  Do you tear people apart?  Are you filled with anxiety and stress, or do you exude security and peace. It’s important for each of us to take time to understand what we are doing, but even more importantly what we are becoming.  Those moments of “autopilot” are great reminders to us and others of what we are truly made of.  Are we on a kamikaze course that will destroy relationship, our identity, or our testimony?  Are we reflecting the image of Christ and revealing a life willing to surrender to flight. Are we building up, encouraging, and magnifying the power of the gospel when we are on autopilot? Here are five questions that should help in our pursuit of reflecting, looking like, and even revealing our Savior rather than our broken and corrupt self.



1.  Are you being exalted?

2. Are you always needing more?

3. Are you using others?

4. Are you at odds with others?

5. Are you rationalizing?

The life of each Christian should be a reflection of Christ at all times.  We will fall short, but how we recover is what matters.  If you feel that you are on a kamikaze course there is no better time to refocus and eject. Surrender to His ability to fly.

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