Think SEX

God’s design for sex is to be a physical representation of selflessness, submission, affection, and (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical) fulfillment. It is a shadow of the relationship that we can and will have with God.

What else do we need?

If we can embrace Jesus as our only wisdom, the provider of righteousness, giver of sanctification, and conduit for redemption we can begin to allow him to be the filter that we use to process every life experience. If he becomes our filter then every thought, response, perspective, and feeling becomes a response to Jesus’ gospel rather than responding to the circumstance.

How To Trust Again

Is Christ enough to heal you from loss, to help you overcome depression, to give you the strength to forgive yourself or those that have hurt you? Is Christ enough to overcome divorce, abuse, or neglect? Is Christ enough? If your life is hard and gets harder is Christ enough? If you’re misunderstood, alone, or confused, is Christ enough? Is there a struggle that you face that Christ is not enough to fix, overcome, heal, grow, or walk you through?