Kill Christmas

The only way we can save Christmas is to kill it:

Don’t get me wrong; I love everything that is wrapped up in the “Holiday Season”. The problem I am faced with boils down to a basic frustration with the way we live our lives the other 364 days of the year.
I recently asked dozens of people what their favorite things about Christmas are. The answers were astounding. Some said they loved spending quality time with there family. Others mentioned that time around the dinner table is most looked forward to. And others mentioned the one thing that keeps our retail stores in business the rest of the year…the gifts.

Here is my dilemma. Do we need a holiday to spend quality time with our families, spend extended time together in fellowship around the dinner table, or give and receive gifts? If I didn’t know better I would say the answer to this question is a resounding, “YES.”
Christmas as I know it is a celebration that reminds us of our Saviors birth. To think that GOD became man and walked among us is a thought beyond my own comprehension. With that said Christmas becomes much more than a holiday, much more than a time of year, and much more than a day on the calendar. It’s not something we can hide away in the attic or show off with a parade of lights in our yards and on our houses. Christmas is not symbolized by a sweeter that hangs in our closet all year unattended to and then comes out one month of the year revealing our “Christmas Spirit”. Christmas becomes a part of our flesh. It is something that defines who we are every second of the day.
I leave you with this…how can you live out your daily life sharing the Spirit of Christmas with the world?

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