The Cross

I was playing a show and we got lost. I know you think by this time we would know how to use a gps, iphone, or google maps. Well, anyway, we got lost. Andy, our guitar player calls and says, ” All you need to do is look for the cross…forget the street names, forget the other land marks look for a cross and you’ll find the church.” If you’ve ever been lost you know how I was feeling, I was frustrated, anxious, and a little upset with myself for loosing my way. Shortly after that I found the church and we had a great time hanging out at St. Anne’s. Later that night I began to wonder if others that have been” lost” have felt similar. I also thought about how comforting it was to be able to fix my eyes, mind, heart, and soul on one goal…findng the cross.

Here is my challenge for each of us…have you been that praverbial cross for someone that’s lost, if so praise God! If not what can you do today, tomorrow, and the days to come to become that symbol of hope and faith for those that have none. Good luck!

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