Take Me In

Has your heart ever been broken? Mine has. The feelings that are associated with a broken heart can be overwhelming, depressing, and even debilitating. It’s easy for us to explain what a broken heart feels like. We’ve all been there. The thing that haunts me is trying to imagine what God’s broken heart must feel like. If I could begin to even slightly understand, my heart may begin to break for the things that break His heart. What would be the results of that encounter? If it was you what would be the results of your encounter?

“Take Me In” is one of the songs that is on the You Offer Me album. This songs speaks of the mysterious things of God. The fact that God’s heart breaks for us is mysterious to me. But like the song says, ” Take me in to this mysterious place,” We will never know what breaks God’s heart until we are willing to embrace the mysteries of God. Check out “Take Me In” among my other releases to get a deeper picture of what I mean. You can check it out on itunes or contact me directly at chad@chadspriggs.com for your very own copy.

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