Healthy Churches Gain Momentum

When I was a kid I loved recess. I would hit the door running! The first fifty yards was a 45-degree downhill slope leading to what seems to be miles of playground equipment. The equipment was cool, but the hill had my heart.

There is nothing like a tuck and role down a huge hill at full speed. The momentum propelled me deep into the maze of slides and swings. The only thing better than rolling down the hill was doing it again.

As an adult I love church planting. I hit the ground running. The feelings I experience while working with churches is similar to the little kid me rolling down the hill. I guess I’m a momentum junkie.

Gaining momentum isn’t just something I enjoy; it is fundamental to Jesus’ strategy for impacting the world. As much as I spent time perfecting my tuck and role, I have put considerable time and energy in discovering biblical elements that encourage healthy church growth. Click on the links below to explore each area. There are coaching questions attached to each that will help you assess your church’s health and prepare for momentum.

Life Transformation

Vision Casting





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