Three Insatiable Desires

IMG_0003Young children have an innate characteristic. Simply put they have an insatiable desire for knowledge. From the moment of birth children begin a quest for knowledge that surpasses adults. They actually are living to learn. They must learn the basic fundamentals of life: how to eat, walk, communicate their needs, and to be a member of society. In many of us that voracious desire becomes dormant.  Salvation awakes the childlike nature we all possess and compels us to become learners of a new way, God’s way. Living a life surrendered to God and transformed by His Word leads to a depth that redefines what we think about self, family, and friends…true life comes from learning about who God has creating us to become.

God has created you to:

1. Obsess over the word of God – Romans 12:2

2.  Lose your mind in Prayer – 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

3.  Become God’s Will – Galatians 2:20



Do you need a fresh childlike worship experience at your church or small group?

Do you want to live with childlike distinction and discover all that God intends for your life, church, or ministry?

Contact C4 Coaching so we can help meet your needs

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