The Perfect Storm (Life)

A few weeks ago I was jerked out of bed by an amazing lightning storm. As I sat in my backyard I couldn’t help but parallel this storm with the mental, emotional, and physical storms of life I am currently going through. The amazing thing is that God revealed to me that what may seem like a storm can sometimes be his way of preparing a masterpiece. I saw a storm, God saw a work of art. I began to wonder what is it that causes me to miss God’s artistic expression. Could it be doubt? Could it be that I shy from trusting others, or even trusting God? Maybe its my fear of feeling powerless?

The storms of life have become my closest friends. It’s in recognizing this that I’ve been reminded that my focus is truly what has come under attack. What am I focusing on, or more aptly put, who am I not focusing on?

Scripture says, “seek the kingdom of God first.” So who’s kingdom am I truly seeking. What am I doubting…my circumstances? Why do I shy away from trusting…I have been hurt? Why do I fear, and feel so powerless…because of my focus on “ME” and “MY” kingdom’s demise. Here is a little reminder that I came up with that has helped me. It’s truly given me FOCUS. Storms can be beautiful.

F ollow – after God’s Heart

O ccupy – our time with God’s Word

C ling – to others that are abandoned to God’s Ways

U nderstand – God’s ways are the only ways

S hift – our attentions to what God can do through us

It Could Be You

It Could Be You

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