My Obsession

Obsession, we’re all plagued by its persuasive powers. Our thoughts and hearts engrossed by it’s tantalizing ways. Dominated, controlled, even tortured by Obsession’s rule.

We can be obsessed with many things being good, worthy, acceptance…success, fame, and wealth.

They’re impossible to achieve. You can give your entire life in the pursuit of these things and end up with nothing, nothing more than a tomb of regret.

What does Obsession do? It kills. Obsession is the perfect murderer. Where does it leave us? Dead.

It persuades us to surrender our will to a longing, a hope, and a desire that’s out of reach. Always out of reach. We give everything for it. Sacrifice on top of sacrifice and what…. the longing for more until there is nothing left to give. Unfulfilled and lifeless…

Yet Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

In other words Obsession satisfied brings life. How can Obsession bring such peace, such passion, and such clarity?
Obsession can be God’s instrument. It can bring us to the end, the end of life and the end of self. We engage in pursuit after pursuit that leads to death, and then we come face to face with the one thing that brings life. Christ. Being obsessed with Christ results in a life that emulates Christ. Christ in you, transforming you, molding you, conforming you to the image of God. Your obsession, my obsession, our obsession should be wrapped up in the passionate pursuit of Christ and His life alive in us and alive through us. Let Obsession rule your thoughts and hearts and the tantalizing nature of Christ will bring life beyond life.

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