Evidence Reveals the Truth

 I love my wife more than any other person on the earth.

I cherish my family and would sacrifice anything to make sure they are cared for and given every opportunity to thrive.

The Dallas Cowboys are the best football organization of all time.

How about this one. I will leverage everything I am to advance the cause of Christ through the advancement of His Church.

How can you know these statements are true? It’s simple.  By looking at the evidence revealed through the life I live.

What about you? If I asked you, ”What’s the most important thing in your life”, and you said, ”God.” What evidence proves that’s true?

The greatest missionary in history, The Apostle Paul’s evidence was seen in a rather simple, two-fold ministry strategy. First, he went into the largest city of the region (cf. Acts 16:9,12), and second, he planted churches in each city (cf. Titus 1:5).

Our story will never be like Paul’s, but our motivations should be identical. Paul served the Lord in a world that primarily turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the power of the Gospel. Yet, by the end of his ministry he was confident that the gospel had saturated the modern world.

We live in a society that increasingly ignores the power of the Gospel.  Can we say with confidence the Gospel has saturated our modern world? If we hold true to Paul’s ministry strategy we can rest assured that our efforts will not be in vain.

I often wondered how much more gospel impact could be made if there were just one or two other churches with different models and diverse leaders. Our Jesus is the same, but not everyone comes to him in identical ways. There is room in every context for multiple churches, using several models, all proclaiming the unmatched name of Christ.

The Barna Group says that 3,500-4,000 local churches close their doors every year. If we never plant new churches, we may witness even further troubling numbers. Every church in existence was planted, and every church has its own niche in the bigger story of God. May we never stop until every ear has heard the name of Jesus.

What evidence reveals that God is the most important thing in your life? In part your evidence should be advancing the Gospel through the development of healthy churches. How is God prompting you to be a part of His work?

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