Our Ultimate Reward

low-reward-versus-high-rewardWe live in a world that expects rewards. Sports teams are rewarded with championships, businesses are rewarded with profits, and watching what you eat is rewarded with better health. Fill in the blank. If you work hard you can__________________. There is nothing wrong with being rewarded. The problems come from the types of rewards we expect. Humans are eager to seize opportunities to increase their estates, but very few know the value of godliness.

Godliness is our ultimate reward. It can only be found in a life that loves God and loves others. In the book of Ruth we find three Characters, Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz that sought to honor God. They were rewarded with godliness. No matter how the story ended they would have trusted God. Their godliness was expressed on every page of their narrative.

Is godliness enough reward for you?

If you lost your family, your career crashed, or your retirement disappeared would godliness be enough. If you found out you had cancer, you went through a divorce, or your house burned down would godliness keep you grateful?

Is godliness enough reward for you?

Let’s take some time to think through how godliness is a reward that outweighs any other reward.

Godliness Grows Our Person
If becoming more like Christ is the ultimate calling of each believer, godliness is the only way to get there. Godliness is evident on the pages of Ruth, and it can be written on the pages of your story. Here’s how. Trust God’s system, have faith in what you know to be true, and believe the Lord will fill you with his godliness.

How is God encouraging you to be godly?

Godliness Brings Life to Our Relationships
Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz’ relationships were enhanced because of their godliness. Their ability to be encouraged, lifted up, inspired, challenged, and reminded of what obedience looks like reinforced everything that God’s Word teaches. Without godly relationships our faith in God is only theory. We must live out our faith with others.

Which of your relationships is God asking you to be godlier?

Be intentionally godly with them and see what God begins to grow in you and bring to life in your relationship. It transformed the characters in the book of Ruth and it can transform you too.

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