The Truth About Ben Feilds

  Let’s face it, something’s broken when police officers are punished for upholding peace, entitled children disrespect authority figures, brats are considered victims, and the majority of the media see nothing wrong. It’s broken and I’m not sure society is willing to fix it.

The fix will take a fundamental shift. We’ll need to shift from thinking officers must uphold the peace, school’s need to train up the next generation, and media defines injustice. We’ve got to recognize that parents alone truly shape the future.

My state, community, and family have personally experienced this brokenness. We’ve hurt with those assaulted by cop killers, raceism, and other reckless thinking. After countless discussions and buckets of tears we’ve decided we’re willing to fix it. Here’s how:

1. As parents we alone are responsible for our children’s maturity.

2. As parents we will fight anyone or thing that seeks to remove our authority.

3. As parents we will teach our children to obey the unquestionable truths of scripture.

children reflect their parents, families reflect their communities, communities reflect society.

The shift starts with me. Do you want to shift? 

One thought on “The Truth About Ben Feilds

  1. My thoughts exactly!!!
    When has it been ok to ignore those in authority?
    Weather we like it or not rules have been put in place since man kind was created!
    Disrespect to those in authority leads to chaos.

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