Expressions 06
Noah’s Ark

What are you expressing through your life and actions? How are you using your uniqueness to make a big deal out of God every day of your life? One of the most expressive ways we can share our lives is through art. Art takes on many mediums. Today we are going to look at how some of us artistically express our relationship with God. We will also dig deeper and contemplate how each of us can become masterful in artistically expressing God’s love.  Lets take a look at Glenn’s art expressions and how he answered the questions.

Madrid NM Band
Madrid NM Band

Questions for the Artist
Why did you choose this type of art expression? I recognized a skill I had and wanted to express something that I had inside.
What inspired you to choose this topic? My heart for God and my desire for man to find him.
What do you hope this expression generates in the heart and mind of others? That everyone has an art expression they can share with the world.
How does this topic express something about your faith journey? These are subjects that I’ve thought through and feel the world needs to continually address. That way they will continue to learn more about who God is and the good he wants to share with mankind.

Expressions 03
Noah’s Ark

Scripture Application
“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.”  (Romans 11:36 NIV)

Our lives are given from him, sustained through him, and lived for him. (Romans 11:36) We are apprentices of the greatest artist of all, Jesus. There is an artistic expression to every facet of his life. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are a masterpiece. Its unique approach, inspiring content, and ability to generate conflict and resolve will never be paralleled.

What are you expressing?

Expressions 00
Fertility Goddess – A reminder of what we put before God.

In all we do, we can artistically express the beauty of God. In the life of a Christian there is only one medium that matters; Jesus redeeming, transforming, and encouraging us to glorify God. As his apprentice, it is our duty to ensure our life’s work is a clear representation of his work.

Be a masterful expression of Jesus. This is accomplished by living by faith and walking in works. Faith is what gives us the ability to artistically express God’s story. Works is the medium we use to artistically express God’s story.

DO THIS: Trust in God’s transforming power and ensure the works of your life are worthy of God.

NOTE: The “Questions for the Artist” can be used as a self-evaluation tool to ensure that your life is an artistic expression of God’s love.

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