By Design

social-psychologyGod has designed us for a specific purpose, at a specific time, with a specific role to play. We’re going to discuss three areas of our lives that God shapes to help us to best love God and love others. These areas are our personality, spiritual gifts, and our abilities. The resources below will help you unlock God’s best for you and your world.

Personality can make or break the church. Church unity is built on Christ, a deep understanding of our personality, and cultivating a curiosity in other’s personalities.  We will examine your unique personality and how God longs to use your design to express his love.

Spritual Gifts are the very nature of God expressed through life.  Spiritual gifts are given to the church to help it to become a healthy representation of Jesus.  We have the privalage of being the physical representation of Jesus to the World. We will explore some of the gifts and prayerfully evaluate what your Spiritual gifts may be.

Our Abilities are unique talents, passions, and skills that we are given.  Our abilities are the conduit that our personalities and spritiual gifts displayed through.  In other words, your abilities expressed through your personality and enhanced by your spiritual gifting, gives you a clear picture of who God has designed you to be. We will identify your abilities and pray through how they can best be used to serve others.

Here are a few resources to help you or a group to explore your unique God given design. Click on the title to download the resource.

By Design – Assessment    By Design – Presentation     By Design – SG Leader Outline

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