What Dominates You?

1 Corinthians 6
talks about how we can do whatever we want as Christians, but it also says we cannot be dominated by anything.

If my sexuality dominates me….

If being the best husband I can dominates me…

If alcohol dominates me….

If taking care of my kids dominates me…

If negativity dominates me…

If making lots of money dominates me… it reveals sin. 

Each of us is faced with a decision. What will we be dominated by? Below is a self-reflective exercise that can help you understand what you are dominated by.

What Dominates You

We are dominated by what our heart beats for. When God dominates us, our heart beats for him. The byproducts are love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, gentleness, and self-control. The principles below will help your heart to beat for Him. 

What Your Heart Beats For


  1. Let God dominate your life, the byproduct is love.
  2. Seek to position your heart to beat for God; his ways are perfect, true, and just.
  3. Believers must be careful not to make their theology or ethics the standard for all other believers.
  4. Believers are still affected by sin. We must encourage, exhort, and teach one another from the Scriptures, reason, and experience, but always in love.
  5. One’s attitude and motives before God are the real keys in evaluating his actions.

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