An Opportunity to Thrive


Our lives are filled with opportunity. Opportunity to advance our careers, purchase our first home, have a baby, go on a family vacation, or even serve at our church. Have you ever thought about the opportunity we have to connect with other believers in group life? The most life transforming spiritual experiences I’ve encountered are in small groups. What is it about group life that encourages so much spiritual growth? Here is a list of three important reasons to take your next opportunity to engage in small group life.

Feeling You Belong

In John 4 we find Jesus connecting to a women that has a colorful lifestyle. After meeting him her life was never the same. Come to think about it, the entire village was never the same. When she realized that Jesus loved her no matter what she had done a deep sense of belonging flooded her soul. Because of what she found in Christ she shared it with others, and their lives were changed forever. Moving forward they had each other to encourage, lean on, and celebrate how Jesus changed their life. Their sense of belonging connected them to Jesus and Jesus connected them to one another. Connecting to a small group would give you an opportunity to find that same sense of belonging.

Following God’s Design

When Jesus began his earthly ministry he had hundreds if not thousands of people who followed him. These people could not get enough of what Jesus was doing. With so many followers it’s interesting that God’s design was for Jesus to invest in 12 in a very unique way. God’s design is for us to relationally connect to him and others. This happens best in a small group. Those 12 changed the course of the world. Those 12 found their strength in their connectedness to Christ and secondly their connectedness to one another. If you want to grow into the person that God desires follow his design and get into a small group.

Finding a Common Purpose

In John 17 Jesus prays to the Father. In this prayer Jesus prays for you and me. Out of all the things that he could pray he prayed that we be united in one Spirit so that the world would see and know God. Alone we are fragmented. Together we begin to live out what Jesus prayed. Small Groups give us an opportunity to bring Jesus’ prayer to life.

There is no better way to find belonging. There is no better time to align with God’s design. There is no better way to find purpose. There is no better opportunity for you to live out the calling of the Church, than to get into a small group and thrive.

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