God’s Will in 6 Steps

God’s Will?knowing-the-will-of-god-copy

God’s Will?  O brother!  I can’t wrap my head around that.  If someone would just come out and tell me what God wants me to do it would be so much easier.  Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.  God desires for us to immerse ourselves in the pursuit of His Will.  It IS the journey for each Christian.

Have you ever struggled with what God wants for your life, or how you are suposed to figure out what God is planning and doing through you?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Over the years I’ve struggled with these thoughts over and over.  Below is a brief description of 6 steps to release you from the anguish of longing to know God’s Will.  The hope is that you will discover that Christ alive in you is ultimately God’s Will for you.  It just so happens that it is fleshed out uniquely through each of us.  When you are open and honest with yourself finding what God wants for your life will clearly come. These 6 steps line-up will give you peace and assurance that God is directing.  Good luck and may God reveal himself through you! Remember, God’s Will is liberating not debilitating.  His desire for each of us is to find fulfillment in He alone.


Prayer is our catalyst for open dialog with the Father.  Honesty, transparency, and true relationship revealed through prayer will speak to each Christian’s heart and mind.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that we each have direct access to the Father.  The shame is that all to often we are not willing to listen.  Spend time talking with the Father, but even more time listening.  Remember, He is the one with the answers not you.


If you take a minute to think about the stories in the Bible you’ll see that each story had specific circumstances that help move the characters through an ordeal.  These circumstances played a huge role in revealing God’s intentions for the characters.  Has this changed?  When the Bible was finished did God stop using circumstances to reveal His plan?  No!  Today circumstances are just as important as they were thousands of years ago.  Evaluate, journal, meditate, think through what God is revealing to you through the circumstances of life.

Godly Council

God has never intended for us to walk this journey alone.  His intention from the beginning was to reveal Himself to individuals that would then reveal the Father to each other.  We are the hands, feet, and voice of the Father to those that the Father has placed in our lives.  When struggling through knowing what God wants you to do seek the council of other trusted Christians.  Often, they will see things in your life that you are to close to see.

The Holy Spirit

It’s so reassuring that the Spirit of God lives in each Christian.  The issues arise when we fill our lives with so many thoughts and outside sources of information that we ignore the Spirit’s voice.  Spend time uncluttering your world and find that the Spirit is there ready and actively revealing God’s direction in all things.

Your Gifting

Remember that each of us have been gifted to work together to reveal God’s love for a lost world.  If you know what your gifts are then ask yourself how God is using or wanting to use your gifts in relation to your circumstances, prayer, etc.  If you do not know what your Spiritual Gifts are then I suggest you take the time to investigate your unique design given by God.  There are Spiritual Gift tests online and in book stores. Ultimately you may want to pray and ask God to reveal your gifts to you.  Your gifts are a vital part of living out God’s Will.  Without this understanding knowing God’s Will becomes something that becomes burdensome and inactive. God gifts us to serve and equip.  This implies action.  So actively pursue what God has designed you to be and then do it.

God’s Word

Finally, we come to God’s Word.  His ultimate source of guidance and illumination.  In all that you do it is paramount to immerse yourself in the Word.  Each of the above items become clearly defined, aligned, and implemented through the application of God’s Word.  Above all things filter this entire journey through God’s Words.  It is His revelation love story to us all.  Take the Word and hide it in your heart.

Need More HELP?

Check out this resource to help further explain what it takes to understand how to walk in God’s Will. Click on the link below

God’s Will

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