The Power of Christmas

Christmas 2010:

What would happen if we had no more Christmas; no more trees, presents, lights, and holiday cheer?  To many people things would never be the same, for example, their “family gathering” or “Vacation Schedule” would suffer. Even our economy would quickly fall into a recession that would dwarf our current economic situation.  The Christmas Holiday has become the life blood for our entire economic way of life.

Isn’t it ironic that the celebration of the Birth of Christ sustains our economy and keeps us from falling into slavery or even worse?  What would happen if we focused solely on the celebration of our Christ breaking into History as a child and igniting a new way of living?  Would losing a Holiday effect us?  Would the first chapter of the gospel “The Birth of Christ” be significant enough in our lives to transform more than a Holiday but transform our daily lives?

Let this Christmas Season be more than a holiday.  Let it be a transforming experience that brings you and your families face to face with a living breathing Lord.  A King.  That desires to celebrate His victory over sin and death every moment of every day.

The Christmas Question

Updates:  Chad Spriggs


Can one day contain the birth of a savior,

The life-breathe of eternal favor?

Can a celebration honoring the King of King,

Bring clear the sacrifice that rings?

All we do is light a tree

All we do for you for me

All we do once to see

Dulls the sacrifice that sets us free



Chad and Deanna are the proud parents of Annalise Grace Spriggs, Adopted December 22nd.  What a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.  For more details on the adoption connect with Chad on Facebook.


Look for a new album in 2011 focused on worship and lifting up our King.


Chad is currently holding open slots to come share with local churches and communities.  If you are interested in having Chad come to your area contact him at


An Arrow Pointing to Heaven:     James Bryan Smith 

Great Quote from the book –

Some of us are so afraid that God’s not going to look at us, so we’re out there doing all sorts of things to get God to take notice.  But folks, God notices you.  The fact is, He can’t take His eyes off of you.  However badly you think of yourself, God is crazy about you.   Rich Mullins


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