How Chad Writes Songs

If you’ve ever wanted to do something that makes your heart soar then you’re not alone.  I think most of us at least once in our life desire to experience that.  What I’ve found is those moments come much more often and feel more real when they come through a life completely surrendered to the Lord.  The peculiar thing is that you may have that experience at the most unexpected time. You may be doing the most mundane things.  So just remember it’s not about what you do, it’s about surrender.

Writing music for me has been a lesson in learning to surrender.  Sometimes it’s an amazing experience, and others its the polar opposite.  But when they are birthed from a heart of surrender it takes my breath away.


If you are interested in having Chad come, please contact him @ with the details.  He still has a few slots open for this summer, or you could get ahead and start booking for next year!


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