Chad Spriggs Update

Sometimes the simplest things in life can challenge you the most.  My son is about four months old and we read to him from his bible every night before he goes to bed.  His favorite part of reading the bible is when we hand him the bible and he attempts to stuff the entire thing in his mouth.

In the book of Daniel, Daniel, “eats” a scroll.  I’m sure that it would not have been the tastiest thing if in fact he truly ate the scroll.  I tend to think that this was a creative way to express that God’s words were so life changing that it was as if he physically consumed them. Jude, my son, wants to physically consume the word of God.  My prayer is that he will grow up and have that same desire to truly allow God’s word to change him.  I also pray that this serves as a reminder to all of us that God’s word is consumable.  It will change you, and fill you up.

My challenge for you is to approach God’s word this week with the curiosity of a child and eat it up!

Stay tuned to for more details on the future release of Chad’s worship album. If you haven’t bought “You Offer Me” it is available at Bible’s Plus and Chronicles in Albuquerque NM, and on iTunes.

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